For a detailed comparison of all software, see the POSM Products Features Matrix

POSM’s most popular features in its products are the easy-to-customize, quick-fill template editor, its compatibility with all video options, and easy export options to CD, flash drive, or PDF. POSM Software is compatible with Windows 10, so you probably already have a PC or laptop that can run it. Click here to read about the importance of running POSM on Windows 10 and how we can help you upgrade your computers.

The majority of our customers license POSM Professional, but whichever version of POSM you choose, you can always upgrade for the difference in price as long as your support service is in effect. No “fees” or “service charges,” you pay for what you need, when you need it. When you retire your current computer, our customer service will help you transfer your software and license to your new one.


For smaller contractors, we offer Workstation (one license is included with POSM Pro Inspection Software). Workstation adds basic session backup functionality accessible to a single user (limited to 2500 sessions). For larger companies, we offer multiple tiers of Office products for sorting and editing your video library that include multi-user accessibility, greater capacity and even GIS capability. Click here for an overview of our Office Software.


We will never hold back on options or functionality so we can use it as an excuse to upcharge you for the add-on. On the other hand, we also recognize that not the needs of our clients are not equal, and what works for a large municipality might be way too much for a small contractor. Each package is designed with those differences in mind, so you never pay for something that you don’t need. And if you someday need to upgrade, we simply charge you the difference the day we install it. That’s how POSM Software feels valued business partners should be treated. Click here for our Inspection Software

Compatible With: AriesCuesDeep TrekkerEnvirositeIBAKHathorn ID-TecMinCamRauschSchroder Subsite (formerly RST) Trio-Vision Vivax



Our Main Goal Is To Provide The Best Software And Service In The Market, But We Also Sell Hardware. Laptop and Rackmount solutions for POSM Pro, Lite and Portable are available. Ready to deploy POSM Servers with backup solutions customized for your needs.Click here for our Hardware