Latest POSM Software Update 100% Compatible with Cues K2 Overlay

POSM Software is proud to announce that the latest update to POSM 10X is 100% compatible with the latest Cues K2 Overlay (and many of the older overlays). This change means our software will now be directly compatible with Cues system equipment.

Until now, users of POSM Software’s inspection software bypassed the K2 and used an XBOB-4 for text overlay and distance counting. This setup required purchasing a buffer kit cable and an additional overlay.

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Rausch USA and POSM Software Synergy at 2019 WWETT Show

Thanks for checking out this blog! We promise it’s a quick one. If you’re like us, you’re either packing and traveling to get to the WWETT Show 2019 in Indianapolis, IN, or you’re already there setting up and checking out the information and seminars already running.

Rausch Pureview SD

The POSM Posse planning to attend this year is Bob and Cliff Katter, Matt Coleman, Derek Johnson, and that blogging fellow Bob “Copybob” Sullivan. We’ll be there all day Thursday and Friday.

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Watch Out for WWETT POSM


POSM Software will be present and mingling at the 2019 WWETT Show, the largest water and wastewater industry convention in the country, Feb 21-23 at the Indiana Convention Center located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. If you can’t find us wandering the floor, you might find POSM Software staff at the Rausch USA booth (No. 2416) on and off throughout the weekend. The techs at Rausch USA will be demonstrating our POSM Pro with the NEW Rausch Panomorph PureView SD and RCA 4.0 Full HD cameras (details below). You can interact with our software as it simulates an actual inspection.

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The Workstation Starting Point


It’s interesting for us here at POSM to observe. New prospects contact our Tech Support through this link to test our POSM Pro inspection software FREE for 60 days.

When those prospects become new partners (usually before the 60 days are up), 90% of all our clients consider their options and choose POSM Professional, our fully loaded program.

Almost all contractors and City workers grasp that Pro comes fully loaded with all the features and options they’ll need now, plus functions they may need later, depending on where their business growth takes them.

But when those same new partners consider our library database storage options, the opposite happens. Not all the time, not even the majority of the time. But often enough.

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POSM a Vital Partner in Hydromax USA's Coast-to-Coast Success

Established in 2003, Hydromax USA (HUSA) specializes in detailed, thorough investigations to report on the condition of water and waste pipe infrastructure from coast to coast across the United States.

Gabe Stewart of HUSA explained how POSM Software is a valuable partner to the company. Gabe joined HUSA as a data analyst in 2006. Now a Data Analyst Manager, he witnesses firsthand how HUSA and POSM Software work together to provide the detailed, accurate services their clients have come to expect.

HUSA Analysts Thomas Riner (seated) and Jamie Bougher (standing)

POSM’s NASSCO-certified compatibility is a big reason HUSA uses POSM Pro on their large fleet of field data collection trucks with POSM Server for inspection analysis and library storage.. HUSA’s engineers operate a mixed group of inspection robots manufactured by CUES and Rausch, but POSM keeps everything speaking the same language.  “The crews collect the [closed-circuit TV inspection] data and send it to our office. A data analyst reviews the information. We store all our inspection data in POSM.” Gabe explained that being NASSCO-certified “makes POSM  inter-operative with other platforms, so the inspection data is ‘software agnostic.” We can all share a singular format that will run on any NASSCO-Certified software.”

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Pipeline Services Company "Champion"s POSM Software

Champion (CCSI) is a nationwide pipeline company that specializes in inspection, repair, and cleaning services. Champion is comprised of four divisions - Industrial Cleaning, HVAC Duct Cleaning, Sewer Cleaning and Crossbore inspections. Its corporate office is in Cincinnati, OH with a satellite office in California.

According to Lincoln Stephenson, VP of Operations and Business Development, Champion has experienced steady growth since its inception in 1982, with a surge in the early 2000s when they added Crossbore inspections to their offerings. Today, crossbore inspections represent the majority of Champion’s business.

Lincoln says POSM had a lot to do with that.

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POSM's Got Em: XBOB-4 Video Overlay

POSM’s Got ‘Em are short articles that take a closer look at our array of products and features. Maybe you’ll find new solutions to old problems you didn’t know we addressed. In this article, we take a closer look at XBOB-4 Video Overlay Generators.

The XBOB-4 (fourth generation manufactured by Decade Engineering) performs a single, vitally important function for pipe inspectors. It lets you overlay text on your video screen, and does so with a great deal of versatility.

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POSM's Got Em: USB Video Encoders

POSM’s Got ‘Em are short articles that take a closer look at our array of products and features. Maybe you’ll find new solutions to old problems you didn’t know we addressed. In this article, we take a closer look at POSM’s USB Video Encoder (AKA the Sensoray).

So we’re a software company, and we don’t talk much about our hardware, but since it’s a necessary part of our industry, we sell hardware to our customers that need it.  In fact, we have an entire section devoted to hardware on our website. We pick and choose product to best meet the needs of our customers, with a high standard on toughness, reliability, performance, and reputation in the industry.

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PipeCheck Founder Credits POSM's "Beyond Out-of-the Box" Service

Brian Gipson started PipeCheck, LLC in Bowling Green, KY, in 2009 with Rausch inspection equipment and POSM Software. He’s never thought twice about that decision. He chose Rausch for the superior performance and laser profiling capabilities vital to his work, and POSM because “Bob [Katter, founder of POSM] had done the important research with Rausch, and he was the only one who offered a fully integrated package that worked seamlessly with it.”

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