Why Your Server Needs SQL and the Cloud

You’re a successful mid-level to large company that schedules several pipeline inspections daily. You’ve been using POSM Pro, your inspectors are trained up, and everyone loves it. (And POSM Software loves you too!) You don’t want to use anything else. Your inspection library is huge, so you upgraded to our Server option some time ago. Hopefully your inspectors are using the one-touch backup detailed here so that they can update your inspection files more easily than ever.

Or, you’re employed with the city, or a contractor. Your partnerships require you to use various software in the market. You’ve been using POSM Server as a funnel to organize all that data and love the flexibility and report customization. You especially love how it makes inspections coded in NASSCO standards easier to manipulate. (And yes, POSM Software also loves you!)

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Using POSM on your Home Laptop

Wow! So here we are in the thick of it. One day you’re in the office minding your business, that is, using POSM to audit inspections and generate reports, and the next thing you know, you can’t come in and are told to self-quarantine. Maybe you didn’t bring a dongle home (or your company doesn’t have that option). Maybe the computers are company property and they need to stay on the property.

It’s just you and your personal laptop, and days with nothing to do but load up the newest levels of your favorite video game and--

Hold on there. Not so fast. You didn’t really think it would be that easy, did you?

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POSM Builds Rackmounts with EQUUS

Here's Why!

POSM Software runs on most recent operating systems, but if you don’t have a dedicated computer, or you need to upgrade the one you have, POSM will build a brand-new, super reliable, built-for-the-road rackmount computer for you, and by POSM will build it, we mean we’ll customize an EQUUS.

Behold the EQUUS Rackmount computer. Includes three-year on-site warranty. 32 GB DDR4 RAM. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. 24X SATA DVDRW disc drive. 2.4 Ghz WiFi adapter.

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POSM Concludes Another Successful  WWETT Show

It’s taken a few days to sleep off the aftermath of WWETT Show 2020 (possums are known for loving sleep). So this note comes a few days later to say Thanks to everyone for organizing another very successful event!

Much of the POSM Software staff already live in Indianapolis and most of the rest come from Columbus for a mere three hour commute, so the location works out well for us. As a result, nearly everyone could arrange some time to visit other booths and demonstrations during the show. Some of us manned the booth and greeted visitors in shifts, taking notes to schedule future online demos and other follow-ups. Sales Manager Derek Johnson was busy personally paying a visit to our current and potential future partners in attendance, and has already reached out to those who requested a follow up.

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Look Out for WWETT (Show) POSM in Indianapolis

The 2020 WWETT Show is almost upon us, happening again in downtown Indianapolis, IN. Unlike previous years, this time the event happens Tues thru Thurs (Feb 18-Feb 20), giving us the weekend to recover. We approve of this change!

This year POSM has its own booth, # 2564. We hope you take a moment to pay us a visit. And when you’re at the Rausch booth, check out their displays to see how they utilize our software with their products. We greatly appreciate their continued partnership through the years.

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Meet New Hire Alex Roberts

Alex Roberts

Technical Support Rep
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

POSM welcomes Alex Roberts to its growing talent of phone/mobile tech support. Alex joined POSM Software's tech support in October 2019. He brings five years of previous experience in the IT field, making him a perfect fit to enhance POSM's talented team of experts.

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POSM's Got It: A Field Editor Tool That Also Converts NASSCO V6 to V7

We've added several new functions to POSM recently, tools, tweaks and apps to make our customers’ everyday lives easier. One such addition is the Header Field Editor Tool. This function has a wide variety of uses, it makes it simpler for our POSM clients to convert active or archived reports to an updated format, and it addresses one specific problem a number of users face: the field editor makes it easy to convert inspections created with NASSCO V6 templates to V7 templates.

 ...the field editor makes it easy to convert inspections created with NASSCO V6 templates to V7 templates.

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POSM's Got It: One-Click Server Inspection Backup

Along with creating POSM Pro, the Most Robust, User-Friendly Inspection Software to Come Down the Pipe, we’ve also created three levels of video archive Office Software:

Unless you’re a one-person contractor, we recommend POSM Server or Storage to most companies. Server, specifically, gives unlimited authorized workers access to your company’s huge organized library of active and archived inspections (searchable by several variables, so your workers can find the exact inspection in moments).

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POSM Crossbore Tools Assist AIMS Companies Engineer

Aims Co. Part 2 of 2

For a general overview of AIMS Companies, click here to read Part One.

Joshua Kerby has worked as an engineer for AIMS Companies for over 10 years. Joshua knows a lot about pipeline maintenance, particularly in one area where he brings a great deal of expertise. “I’ve specialized in crossbore inspections for over a decade. Without a doubt, crossbore inspection and repair is my bread and butter.” He added that his co-worker, Dave Alonzo is another crossbore expert in AIMS Company. David was co-featured in part one.

A crossbore is a tricky pipeline incident in which a sewer line had accidentally intersected with another underground utility (gas, communication, electric, etc). The integrity of the pipeline needs to be determined and repaired as fast and as safely as possible. The inspection and repair of a crossbore event is a highly specialized engineering service that AIMS provides. Among its apps within its core program, POSM Software includes an industry-leading tool to assist with crossbore inspection. “I recommend POSM Crossbore Tools,” said Joshua. “I’ve never used anything else like it.” 

Among its features, Crossbore Tools:

  • Assist in the most thorough and accurate mapping possible.
  • Make it easy to document all observations and actions taken.
  • Provide accountability of your actions in a convenient, portable way.

These tools, combined with best practices, should help minimize potential issues in handling crossbores. You can read much more about POSM’s Crossbore Tools here.

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